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About Larissa

About Larissa

With an art background dating back to classes at the Newark Museum when I was just five years old, then courses in pastels and oils at the Fair Lawn Art Association throughout grammar school and junior high, to fine and commercial art classes during every year of high school and much of college, I just can't get enough.  My very first job when I was just 14 was at a high-end baby furniture store, where I was paid to custom paint designs on furniture, baby bottles, and gifts.  Finally, I took up the art of face painting, temporary tattoos, and henna on the mobile, three-dimensional canvas that is you!

My first face painting was at Brandeis, when I was in Starlight Foundation, and our chapter threw face painting/pizza parties at a local children's hospital.

After graduation, I kept creating and painting, but face painting was forgotten until September of 2003 when a friend needed a favor for her twin daughters' birthday... and a business was born.

Since 2003, I've taken, and continue to take, monthly classes through my guild, as well as seminars in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  I've also traveled multiple times to Connecticut and Louisiana for body art conventions.  In this way, I can keep adding new products, techniques, and styles to my repertoire... and to your enjoyment of the art!

My years of experience mean you get quality art in less time!  When not using my "fast faces" list, and taking any creative request, I can paint 15 people per hour.  That means your guests have more time to spend enjoying other activities at your event!  Bigger guest list?  Let's discuss more time, more artists, or my "fast faces" list, which has 44 designs including 22 full faces!

I have officially committed to continuing to improve my skills and maintaining my professionalism, by becoming competency certified and joining FACE:  The International Face Painting Association!  And as of 2020, I am the North American Representative for FACE!  FACE requires high levels of professionalism, skill, and hygiene, to ensure that I am protecting myself, you, and your guests.

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You may have seen me painting at the Tribeca Film Festival, the US Open, your neighbor's parties, any of a number of town days, street fairs or festivals, charity runs and walks, or even in official Snazaroo video tutorials!  Want to see me in action?  Watch the video below!

I love to teach too!  I started unofficially when I was 7, shortly after my little sister was born, when I began teaching her to count, tell time, and recite the alphabet.  Later, when we "played school," I taught her whatever I was learning in class, from reading materials to math and algebra, to art projects.  After college, I taught SAT courses to the toughest audience there is - high school sophomores and juniors on Saturday mornings!  It's only natural that I should teach children and adults to paint on canvas as well, and I love doing it!

Face Painter of the Year 2019 Competition


Larissa has been awarded 3rd place in the International Association of Face Painter's top award.  At FACE's annual Wham! Bam Jam in Northern Ireland, she placed 3rd for Face Painter of the Year 2019, and 3rd place in the FACE Showcase Face Competition.

Contact Face & Body Art by Larissa today at njfacepainter@gmail.com or 201-218-4741

About FACE: The Face Painting Association


So what is FACE?  It's an international face painting association, started in 1994 in the United Kingdom, dedicated to promoting professionalism and skill within the face and body art community for the benefit of our clients.  To that end, a competency certification is offered worldwide.

Each member of FACE has had to pass a stringent accreditation test, consisting of a detailed written application and a practical test of core face painting skills, in order to be accepted as a member. They have to ensure their work meets the benchmark set, and commit to continued learning and striving to improve those skills.  They must also maintain high levels of health and hygiene to protect the faces they paint. All members are insured, and use only products which have been approved for use on face and bodies (see below for more on that!).

About Larissa's Supplies

About Larissa's Supplies

Your health and safety and the health and safety of your child and guests is of paramount importance. 

As a result, I am adamant about maintaining my health and my kits, making sure I and my supplies are clean and ready to go.  I minimize the risk of spreading germs by using a new sponge for each person, and I will not and cannot paint anyone who appears sick, is coughing, sneezing, or has evidence of a runny nose.  Our brushes go through a wash-rinse-sanitize-rinse process akin to those used in commercial kitchens between each person or reloading of makeup to minimize risk as well.

It's also for that reason that only FDA-compliant face makeup is used in my face painting, as well as cosmetic glitters and shimmers.  Never will you see craft glitter or actual paint in a Face & Body Art by Larissa setup, not even acrylic and tempera paints labeled "non-toxic."  Craft paints and glitters are not made for use on the skin and can cause allergic reactions or damage to the eyes.  Want proof?  Read this.

Even the temporary tattoos I use are made using only skin-safe cosmetic adhesive and cosmetic glitters, or FDA-compliant tattoo inks.

In a commitment to doing my part for the environment, where possible, I have shifted to the use of biodegradable cosmetic glitters, made in the United States and New Zealand.  Biodegradable glitters are made from compostable/biodegradable cellulose from eucalyptus or corn plants, rather than plastic. 

When it comes to henna, I am adamant about using only natural brown, harmless henna.  You'll never find so-called "black henna" being used.  Why?  Read this and you'll see.  "Black henna" is actually mixed with PPD, or hair dye at 10x the recommended concentration, which can cause severe reactions, including welts, blisters, sores, allergies to medications, even scarring.

Over time, I've streamlined my setup to take just minutes once I arrive at your venue.  While I'm always ready to paint at the agreed-upon time, as you know, your children get excited and start to queue as soon as they see me.  That takes them away from your other planned activities!  My quick setup gives them as much time as possible to do everything else.