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Face & Body Painting

Face & Body Painting

Young and old alike love to get painted!  Kids, who are already naturally great at playacting, love wearing their characters on their faces... and it's not unusual to see roaring tigers chasing flitting butterflies around the yard.  Adults love to live out their fantasies too.  And those who just want "a little something" can be accommodated, whether adult or child.

Theme and princess parties are also always possible!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

These fun, hand-painted tattoos can last up to a week with proper care.  They are water- and smudge-resistant, making them perfect for pool parties, Sweet 16s or any other teen event, bachelorette parties, and even a fun and funky addition to wedding receptions!

My tattoos are done primarily with stencils and custom ink and glitter colors, as well as sparkly rhinestones.  Designs are not limited by the stencils, though, and paintbrushes can be used to paint on the adhesive for glitter tatoos or the temporary tattoo inks.

And now, I can do glitter tattoos on faces!  I've got a new product, a face-safe, water-based adhesive that washes off with soap & water!

If you're having a theme party, be sure to inquire as to themed stencils, like my Alice in Wonderland set.

Wedding & Prom Henna

Wedding & Prom Glitter Tattoos

Yes, really!  Because I can freehand my glitter tattoos, I can do anything you'd like!  I can do henna style, or more funky and tribal, depending on your preferences, or even full pictures.  What better way to stand out than with one-of-a-kind temporary tattoo jewelry?!  Your completely custom "necklace," "bracelet," "anklet," or art piece can be as bold and colorful as your dress; delicate, dainty, and 100% silver, gold, or black, or anything in between.  Want sophisticated and modern?  I can do it.  Classic and pretty?  You've got it.  Trendy and funky?  Absolutely.  I can even work with your wedding or prom theme, if you like.  See the Temporary Tattoo gallery for more of my freehand work.


Henna & White Henna

Henna, depending on your skin and if it's on the right spot, can last the longest of the three types of body art offered.  Natural brown henna starts as a bright orange stain and darkens over the next day or two, so it will be most intense a few days after it's applied.

White henna is a beautiful "henna style" art that actually isn't henna at all!  It's done using thin lines of the same adhesive used for glitter tattoos, and then overlaid with a white mica, creating a gorgeous, delicate design.

Special F/X & Gore

Special F/X & Gore

Perfect for Halloween or any other costumed event, where you just must be a zombie, injured, or otherwise deceased.  From subtle scarring to third-degree burns, I can provide it!

Balloon Art

Balloon Art

Kids, teens, adults, everyone loves a balloon twister!  Eric is a natural at it, with a repertoire of balloon designs sure to wow your guests.  He'll be the hit of your party!

Please note that popped balloons are a choking hazard, so for any children under 3, the balloon will be given only to the parent, not the child.

Honeybee Canvas Painting

Children's Traveling Canvas Painting Party

Larissa is now putting even more ART in Face & Body Art by Larissa - Canvas Art!  Larissa will be happy to come to a party at your home or other location, and bring all the supplies needed to teach your child and his or her guests (ages 5 and up) how to paint a picture based on your child's favorite animal, place, or activity, either real or imagined, on stretched canvas.  The children will use sponges, brushes, and acrylic paints to complete their masterpieces, which they can then take home with them as unique and impressive party favors! 

What sets Face and Body Art by Larissa's canvas painting parties apart from all the others is that Larissa uses techniques geared toward actually teaching children how to draw the subject based on simple shapes, as well as some color theory, giving the budding artists not only the one completed painting, but also some skills to take home with them and use in the future as well.  

In addition, because she caters each painting subject to your child's preferences, rather than just working from a limited collection of choices, each party is completely different!  Nothing is out of the realm of possibility!  

On top of all that, because Larissa loves to teach so much, your child and guests can expect to have fun learning some facts about the subject matter of the painting as well!

Custom Hand Painted Gifts

Custom Hand Painted Gifts
Need a special gift for someone, and want to make sure they don't already have one or that no one will give the same thing?  Need custom decor for your party or event?  I've got you covered!  I will work with you to create exactly what you're looking for, whether it's painted clothing, picture frames, or canvas.  Just contact me, and let's see what we can achieve!

Don't see what you want?

Just ask!  Face & Body Art by Larissa has a large and ever-growing network of entertainers who can provide balloon art, caricatures, magic, DJ services, bounce houses and party rentals, and pretty much anything else.

Service Area

Face & Body Art by Larissa is available for your events throughout NY, NJ, and parts of eastern Pennsylvania, but a travel fee may apply for distances greater than 20 miles from Franklin Lakes, NJ.  For entertainers in other states, just ask!  I can provide referrals in most places around the country.

Costumes & Themes

Costumes & Themes

Costumes and themes may be available for an extra fee, such as a faerie, queen, clown, wizarding student, vampire, pirate, or Renaissance wench.